Sponsoring the CRHPA ARSU1

By supporting us, your contribution will help to save lives, assist in preventing loss of life and injury, and strengthen your community’s First Response and resilience.

As an official supporter we will ensure that your company logo, or your organization’s name is seen. We will also make formal announcements on our social media network and provide you with a written expression of appreciation for your contribution. The ARSU1 will update you on our missions, call outs and work we do.

Other opportunities:

Commander’s Seat ($4,500 CAD)
The CRHPA ARSU ONE is pleased to offer a special opportunity to individuals; organisations-clubs or businesses who offer a distinct contribution to our organisation in the way of their name appearing on a plaque in one of our specialized equipment. The place card will be strategically located on the “Commander’s” seat of one of the following vehicles:

Hovercraft – Romeo One
Hovercraft – Whiskey One
Air Responder – Alpha One
Inflatable Boat (RIB) – Bravo One
Mobile Command Response Vehicle – Romeo Victor

Mobile Command Response Vehicle

The Mobile Command Response Vehicle, or MCRV is integral in the transport of our specialized vessels equipment. It is also plays a critical role in any deployment of our unit. A one-time donation of $9000 will ensure that the vehicle (ambulance style body) is modified and kitted to the required specifications including:

  • Decaling and logos
  • Customization of interior
  • Required storage boxes and shelving
  • Installation of towing package
  • Scene lighting
  • Radio communication and command console
  • Specialized technical rescue equipment


Your logo and appreciation statement will be decaled onto the MCRV.

Naming rights

The naming rights to a vessel is commonly referred to as a “ships name”. Being able to name a “ship or vessel”, is a privilege as it is for the life of a vessel. The given name will appear on the outside of the craft, and must comply with the “Craft Naming Standards document.”

​In addition to the above, Commander level partners, can enroll up participants who are interested in flying hovercraft to our “Hovercraft Ground School” Here participants will we taught the fundamentals of piloting recreational hovercraft from ground up to supervised operation of a hovercraft. This is an excellent team building opportunity for your staff. Type your paragraph here.

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