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AIR Responder

Wise Technology

It all started in 2015, when a decision was made to visit Wise Technology and trial the AIR Responder. Two years latter the CRHPA ARSU1 is proud to announce that we have the first AIR Responder in Canada, with a goal to incorporate this truly unique method of Ice response into our unit.

Please send us an email for information on the partners listed above. We have electronic brochures; video files and other information that we are happy to provide.

Wireless Age

Our official communications provider

The Wireless Age provides professional solutions in the communication sector in the province of Saskatchewan and beyond. When the CRHPA ARSU1 sought to siource a single provider for it's communication requirements, the Wireless Age was quick to respond. Understanding our needs, we are pleased to work with them to develop solutions that meet and exceed our requirements.


The CRHPA and ARSU1 works with SAFEQUIP by providing "Specialist Rescue Equipment by Professionals for Professionals". As an organisation we endorse their line of products, which form part of our kit - proven in action.‚Äč

Kenderic Projects

In 2017 the CRHPA ARSU1 and Kenderic Projects launched a project to develop a specialized Tactical Jumpsuit. More information on this project will be announced soon.

Kodiak LED Lighting

"To see, and to be seen" sums up the requirements that the CRHPA ARSU1 had, and to accomplish this Kodiak LED had the answers. A local company based out of Regina SK, Kodiak has positioned itself, by providing superior quality, and some of the best pricing we have seen. When it comes to lighting, we stand by Kodiak.


When the CRHPA needs IT technical support, we trust one of Saskatchewan's leaders in IT to get things back up and running, so that we can do what we do best.

Armadillo Merino

After using Armadillo Merino Base Layer clothing, there was no debate on the quality and comfort of the Armadillo brand and extensive line of product. The CRHPA ARSU1 is committed to keeping it's members safe and warm and DRY by incorporating this brand of clothing as part of our PPE.