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“Partnering with First Responders to save lives”

The Amphibious response Support Unit One is Saskatchewan’s dedicated amphibious response provider. We assist First Responders and critical Infrastructure, by providing specialist equipment and staff to deal with challenging situations on land, water and ice. We can be called into emergencies such as floods; search and rescue; ice rescue and environmental catastrophes throughout the province and beyond. The ARSU One is a division of the Canadian Rescue Hovercraft Pilots Association a registered non-profit entity.

The ARSU1’s motto is: “to go where from others seek refuge”

Your help is needed, so we can help those in dire need

Ways to assist:

  • Make a cash donation to our gofundme account (PLEASE CUT AND PASTE TO YOUR BROWSER):​

  • Write us a check or e-transfer funds.
  • Donate via PayPal (debit or credit card)

Donate or sponsor equipment (please see our website for more information).

  • As a business offer an in kind donation.
  • Secure the naming rights of one or more of our vessels.

For more information on donating equipment; services; to secure naming rights or other ways you may become involved, please drop us a line at or click Contact Us.