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​The Canadian Rescue Hovercraft Pilots Association - CRHPA is dedicated to promoting the representation of professional and recreational hovercraft in Canada. An important goal of the association is to generate awareness, done through demonstrations, training, organising and participating at events. The CRHPA will act as a voice for it’s members, and will lobby and advocate the safe operation of air-cushion-vehicles. The CRHPA will also encourage water and ice safety and promote this though activities within and outside of it's membership.

Our Community involvement:

As a registered non-profit organization, the CRHPA is committed to assisting those in need, by offering services that help in the preservation of lives, the search of missing persons, and the protection and response to environmental catastrophes.

These services are done through a dedicated team based out of Regina, Saskatchewan known as Amphibious Response Support UNIT ONE. The primary function of this team (a division of the CRHPA is to provide services that benefit communities in Canada. ARSU1 "Partnering With First Responders To Save Lives".