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How to become a member of ARSU1 ​

ARSU1 does not publically or actively recruit members to the unit, but welcomes inquires and will review all potential applicants based on their ability to meet all of our requirements. Please see below for more details. 

Being an event and public relations volunteer:

We are always happy to work with those who want to make a difference by devoting some time and energy to our unit. Our PR - Event staff participate at events, trade shows and provide assistance in promoting water and ice safety. We would be happy to hear from you and provide you with more details. 

Our members are all non paid volunteers

To become a member of ARSU 1 you must:

  • Be a resident of Regina Saskatchewan or the immediate area
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Be an existing or past member of a First Responder Organization (or equivalent)
  • Be in excellent physical condition and mental condition
  • Be able to demonstrate swimming capabilities to a level required
  • Be able to devote time to training; venues and call-outs
  • Meet all of the requirements as set forth by the CRHPA - ARSU

For more information please contact us.

Who we are:

The Amphibious Response Support Unit One (ARSU ONE) is Saskatchewan’s dedicated amphibious response provider. We assist First Responders and critical infrastructure, by providing specialist equipment, and staff to deal with some of the most challenging situations on land, water and ice. We are called in to action when First Responders have exhausted their resources, or they require amphibious capabilities.

Members of the ARSU, are experienced professionals in various disciplines. These individuals bring a wealth of knowledge to perform their duties. All specialist members are required to be certified swift water rescue technicians, be proficient in the operation of watercraft and meet the standards as set by the CRHPA - ARSU.

ARSU1 may be deployed to assist in the following situation:

  • Search and Rescue Response
  • Flood Response
  • Ice Rescue
  • Environmental Response
  • Vesil recovery
  • Water based events to provide on site response or security details

** Promoting Water and Ice Safety

"Partnering With First Responders To Save Lives"