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How to be a part of the crusade:

  • Cheque payable to Canadian Rescue Hovercraft Pilots Association.
  • PayPal - please visit our website at:​
  • Direct Deposit or wire transfer:  Please visit any Affinity Credit Union branch and make a direct deposit.Type your paragraph here.

What is the 2502 Crusade?

250 x 250 is two hundred and fifty businesses and entities (including private individuals) contributing $250 dollars to Amphibious Response Support Unit ONE, Saskatchewan’s dedicated amphibious response provider.

What will the funds ($62,500) be used for?

Our primary goal is to complete the purchase of the AR45 Hovercraft, which we have received for trial purposes and has successfully met our operational requirements for deployment.  Once we have completed the purchase the remaining funds will aid in specialized equipment needed to carry out our missions.

Benefits of contributing:

By supporting us, your contribution will help to save lives, assist in preventing loss of life and injury, and strengthen your community’s First Response and resilience.

As an official supporter we will ensure that your company logo, or your organization’s name is seen. We will also make formal announcements on our social media network and provide you with a written expression of appreciation for your contribution. The ARSU1 will update you on our missions, call outs and work we do.Type your paragraph here.